What are the different types of waxes used?

I use two types of wax known as peelable wax and warm wax (use strips). One will be more appropriate than the other depending on what area I am waxing. Both of the waxes are vegan & cruelty-free.
Peelable wax is very flexible It is extremely good for facial, underarm and intimate waxing. Peelable wax grabs fine and shorter coarser hairs. It's renowned for its shrink wrapping ability, perfect for removing stubborn hair. This outstanding wax helps to prevent ingrown hairs, breakages, redness and the painful sting associated with waxing.

Warm wax (using strips) is the more common type of wax used for larger areas. Strip of wax is applied to the skin; a paper strip is then pressed into the wax and then pulled off quickly back against the direction of the hair growth. The hairs are then removed with a paper strip as they have bonded with the wax.

How do I prevent ingrowing hairs?

To avoid ingrowing hairs exfoliate waxed area 72 hours after you've been waxed, twice-three times a week to get rid of dead skin. Your hair will then be able to grow above the skin surface. I sell a range of products that will help prevent against ingrown hairs, pimples and dry skin. Please contact me for further information or we can have a chat at your next appointment.

Do I have to take my clothes off for intimate waxing?

I ask you to remove the minimal amount of clothing required, this usually requires anything below the waist. As there is no need to remove clothes anywhere else where I am not waxing.

What happens if I get aroused?

This is a common concern for most men and involuntary erections can and do happen on occasion but usually subside quite quickly. Please do not feel embarrassed, As your therapist I respect the fact that this can happen and will just ignore it. However I require the same respect back and will NOT tolerate any inappropriate behaviour. If I do, you will be asked to leave the premises and I will inform the authorities. THE TREATMENTS I OFFER ARE STRICTLY PROFESSIONAL.

Trans intimate waxing

Whether you are pre op, post op or simply like to be waxed as a female or male. I am professional and sensitive to your needs and requests. Please be aware that price may vary whether you have male or female genitals. This is because of the amount of wax and time spent. If you have any queries please feel free to contact me.

Pricing structure

Male waxing price list varies because it covers men who have more or coarse hair. If you are concerned about the amount to bring then I suggest that you bring the higher amount. That way you will not have any surprises. Unfortunately I can not quote over the phone or via email on how much waxing will be as I will need to see area that is being waxed.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

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