"I had no concerns at all as the whole procedure of having a male intimate was explained in detail, confirming the professional impression I had from the website. Obviously a new experience but a really relaxed atmosphere and it wasn’t that painful at all. How professional it was and how we were having open conversations whilst having the treatment.

Chards Waxing & Grooming is Discrete, professional and relaxed. I would recommend a full intimate wax to any men who doesn’t like having hair in certain areas. I feel personally much cleaner, sexier, more comfortable and now book in regular."

Christophe, Northampton

"I don’t have any concerns about using Chards waxing, I have been waxed before so knew what to expect. The treatment was relaxed and I felt comfortable throughout. The look and feel in the weeks after having chest, stomach, groin and intimate area waxed is the best part of getting waxed. I like Chards waxing and grooming because it isn’t in a salon so there is no awkward waiting reception, you can park right outside the premises and Laura is so professional you don’t feel awkward or embarrassed at any time.
I would recommend to friends although I’m not sure if it would come up in conversation."

Simon, Daventry

"I found Chards Waxing and Grooming Very professional and Laura has a considerate approach. I felt very comfortable and received a quality back wax with good attention to detail. Laura is professional, skilled and personal. I would recommend Chards Waxing & Grooming because Laura delivers a high quality service. Laura has the Innovation in using various products to suit individual requirements."


"I had no concerns about using Chards Waxing and Grooming. My waxing appointments have always been excellent. I always find Chards Waxing has a relaxed atmosphere. The benefits of using Chards are, surroundings, atmosphere and not being rushed. I would recommend Chards to my friends and family knowing that they would get the same quality treatment that I always receive with Laura. Laura always makes me feel relaxed and at ease."


"I don't think I had any unusual concern that would prevent me using your service other than the obvious pain concern, although this wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I was very comfortable from the beginning, I thought your general demeanor instantly put me at ease and any reservation I did have soon disappeared. You were very professional in explaining what was required and how you would carry out the waxing.

I felt the entire all round experience was excellent.

From a vanity point of view, I no longer have a hairy back which was something I was self-conscious about, I feel my intimate area are a lot cleaner as a result of the hair being removed. From the waxing point of view.
Definitely would recommend Laura. The service is professional, considerate and friendly. I felt that by being clinical and professional it took away and vulnerability I felt as a male having an intimate wax. I think this is an excellent service and would recommend anybody to Laura."


"I have always found Laura at Chards waxing to be extremely welcoming & professional also her treatment room is always spotless. I always have a pre holiday wax! she is always fastidious about not leaving a single hair unwaxed ! I have never had any burns or in growing hairs so I am confident to book close to my holidays! I work as a hairdresser & have recommended several of my clients to chards waxing they all have been delighted ."

Jay, Higham Ferrers

"I found Chards website was attractive and professional which caught my attention and made me feel confident in the services offered.

The experience of my appointment was an absolute pleasure. Laura was professional and friendly, and I felt at ease and comfortable immediately. I felt the appointment was personable and I was made to feel like a valued client rather than just another appointment of the day. Laura took her time to show interest in me and even went out of her way to text me links to a few places that came up in conversation during the appointment. This is an example of how Laura goes above and beyond for her clients. I had a Hollywood and underarm wax, the treatment itself was thorough and was made as pain-free as possible, I would recommend Chards Waxing and Grooming to anyone and everyone!

It's Easily accessible, private and quiet, and the experience is personable. I am thoroughly impressed with my treatments at Chards Waxing and Grooming. Care was taken throughout the treatment with regards to hygiene, professionalism and making the experience as pleasant as possible."

Jessica Kelsey, East Northants

"My full leg and bikini wax was pain free as possible, Laura is a lovely person and she made me feel really relaxed as soon as we met. Chards waxing and Grooming is private, friendly and relaxed. I would definitely recommend Laura, she is very knowledgeable and easy to talk too."

Andrea, Bedfordshire

"I had looked at a number of outfits offering intimate waxing for males. Yours instilled most confidence. Professional but not stuffy.
Having no reservations about booking a treatment, initially had butt crack wax done. Went really well and very pleased with result.  After that had  crack sac and penis waxed. Again, a professional and friendly session. Think I did have a slight reaction in small part of groin area wit bumps/blocked pores but wasn't nothing that I was worried about."

Nick, Northamptonshire

"For most guys selecting any beauty therapist that you’re going to bare all to is a challenge! But like most guys I went on instinct when selecting Laura. Her website was clear and professional and answered most questions, and when I asked some additional questions she was quick to respond promptly with clear and reassuring answers. We agreed an appointment through email exchanges which was quick and convenient.

Immediately upon meeting Laura I felt relaxed and reassured that I had made a good choice. She made a potentially embarrassing situation no more challenging than visiting a new Hairdresser for the first time. Laura explained the Intimate waxing and body clippering process step by step as the appointment progressed and chatted so it was actually quite relaxing !
Laura is good at communication, she is reasonable pricing (be wary of newly qualified discounters) friendly reassuring approach. She offers flexible appointments with evening options.

I would recommend Laura to any guy or girl for any waxing or grooming treatment. She clearly has excellent knowledge and is experienced and the results were much better than previous practitioners I had tried. For guys the body hair trimming option is not offered by most practitioners so a good option where you don’t want to go all the way.
Laura was also able to offer after care products which were very effective."

Mark, Daventry

"I had no concerns when using Chards Waxing and Grooming for my Hollywood and full leg wax. My experience is always pleasant and very relaxed. Laura is such a lovely person. I love the way Laura always listens to you and your concerns. I always feel nervous about having a Hollywood wax, but she does it bit by bit and breaks down the amount of pain you would be in. Everything is so reassuring. If this technique doesn't work she tries other ways in which to make you comfortable.

Laura puts nerves at ease, comfortable and good value for money. I cannot recommend her enough. Both me and my partner go to Laura."

Ria, Northampton

"When I contacted Laura I was thinking about having the most intimate wax and as such was very nervous and not totally sure I could or would have it. I knew I'd have my back done but as I spoke to Laura to book that first appointment her friendly manor and slightly mischievous sense of humour really helped me relax and so said I'd book for everything.  
She reassured me that on the day if I changed my mind or still uneasy could just have a simple back wax and wouldn't be a problem to not have the intimate wax too.

At the appointment her friendly and cheeky manor while still professional made the appointment as comfortable as it could be and I had everything waxed too.

I think what I liked and made going to Chards Waxing & Grooming was Laura great personality that just helped me feel less embarrassed about being naked to be waxed as she was a stranger at first appointment. Having the waxing done makes me Feel good, helps make me feel more confident and my wife likes it.
I would totally recommend Chards Waxing & Grooming and although the intimate wax is as described would and have told my male mates about my treatment and how good I feel after (and my wife likes it too)."

Jon, Wellingborough

"I had no concerns going to Laura, I had a good experience having my waxing done at Chards Waxing & Grooming. I like the atmosphere, she's a Good waxer and owner. I have full back, chest, abs and arms. My partner prefers me being waxed."

Anonymous, Kettering

"It was very pleasant, Laura made me feel at ease before, during an after a full male intimate wax. Chards Waxing and Grooming as a very homely feel to Laura's business and Laura is lovely. I had no concerns at all. Having a full intimate wax makes me feel so much cleaner, smoother and minimises ingrown hairs for me. Having a male intimate wax feels so much nicer being hairless in my opinion and i would 100% recommend Laura as she is caring and does a really good job."

Sam, Bedford

"I had no concerns about Chards waxing and grooming I am very comfortable with having a male intimate wax. I found my experience Painless, relaxed and professional.

Laura would always be checking to ensure that everything was fine, temperature etc. The single use of the spatulas to ensure no cross contamination.

I like the different wax and technique depending on which hair is being removed and adjusting the treatment where appropriate.

Yes I would recommend Chards Waxing & Grooming. It is a wonderful feeling being free of hair.
The relaxed atmosphere is a very enjoyable part of the treatment."

Allen, Kettering

"I have always Felt comfortable and relaxed around Laura. I love that Laura and I can chat about anything whilst having my treatment, she makes me laugh lots too! Having a full leg and Hollywood the results are always fantastic, her beauty room is always welcoming & the products she uses are fantastic. I would always recommend Laura, nothing is to much trouble, she is very professional even while my legs are in the air! I love coming to my appointments. As I am a plus size lady, You always make me feel comfortable and at ease. Simply fantastic at your job!"

Sam, Wellingborough

"I am more than happy with Chards Waxing & Grooming, its easy parking and I find it relaxed as well as professional. In particular Laura uses vegan products, which I am vegan and gives me peace of mind when I am getting my back and chest waxed. Laura is Professional, friendly and efficient. Everything is good and I would give a 10 out of 10."

Chris Northampton

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